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Street Corner Arts, Austin, TX

"What keeps this from devolving entirely into parody or horror—a fine line that the text constantly rides—is the amazing cast that director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia has assembled and guided...The Butcher of Baraboo is not only one of the funniest shows currently gracing the Austin stage, it also features one of the strongest ensembles, creating a pitch-black comedy that plumbs some pretty extreme depths in order to reveal universal truths about family, hypocrisy, and the many uses of a well-sharpened cleaver."

- Andrew Friedenthal

"This show was also my first time to see Carlo Lorenzo Garcia's work as director, and I hope Austin theatre will benefit from his direction again. Casting great actors is half the battle. The other half is empowering the actors to do great work, and Garcia has succeeded in doing both...The Butcher of Baraboo is a hilarious show full of great performances. It's a chance to see wonderful actors doing good work together."
- Elizabeth Cobbe, Austin Chronicle

"Wegrzyn's uproarious script, together with Director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia's cozy staging, allows this production stand on its own two feet. Set designers Carlo Lorenzo Garcia and Zac Thomas create one of the most realistic, detailed sets I've seen yet. Sometimes it's hard to tell where the audience ends and the stage begins as they've utterly transformed the Hyde Park Theatre  into a rural midwestern kitchen without a trace of artificiality." 
- Madelyn Geyer, BroadwayWorld Austin

"Director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia brought this script to the company and exercised insightful, imaginative control of its realization. This is one of the most gripping and entertaining pieces I've seen in Austin. We're lucky to have him and Street Corner Arts delivering their magic at the Hyde Park Theatre, our shabby temple to Thespis and St. Genesius. More, please!"

-Michael Meigs, CTX Live Theatre


2020 B. Iden Payne Awards 

Award for Outstanding Production of a Comedy 
Award for Outstanding Small Cast (6 or fewer)
Award for Outstanding Direction of a Comedy
Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy
Award for Outstanding Featured Actress in a Comedy

Award for Outstanding Properties Design
Nomination for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Comedy
Nomination for Outstanding Set Design
Nomination for Outstanding Fight Choreography
Nomination for Outstanding Sound Design

The Children


Jarrott Productions, Austin, TX

"Carlo Lorenzo Garcia does yeoman work directing the dialog-heavy stage play and necessary close timing with props, etc." - CTX Live Theatre 

"Where to start when reviewing the best play in town? Start with the beginning I suppose, and The Children begins with a gorgeous set courtesy of Michael Krauss and Carlo Lorenzo Garcia. The story that unfolds is a perfectly written play masterfully directed by Carlo Lorenzo Garcia..."  - Broadway World Austin

"Though these three dynamic performers do the lion’s share of carrying the play to the point of Rose’s proposition, from that moment on Kirkwood’s complicated, probing script becomes the star. Director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia notes this change by hanging that moment on the precipice between night and day, a slow change of lighting and tone that is achieved with masterful subtlety by lighting designer Alison Lewis." - Austin360/Statesman


B Iden Payne Award Nominations

Nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama

Nomination for Outstanding Lighting Design



Mary-Arrchie Theatre, Chicago, IL

"Douglas Maxwell's sharp dialogue gets the restlessness of small-town teen life just right, and Carlo Lorenzo Garcia's well-cast American premiere for Mary-Arrchie Theatre Co. features some breathtaking moments." - Chicago Tribune

"...Under the impeccable direction of Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, the superb actors morph easily through their three stages of development and use Maxwell's mix of real and hothouse language and goth imagination to maximum effect. This gifted ensemble also makes sure the play's modern-day Grimm fairy tale quality haunts you long after you've left the theater." - Chicago Sun-Times

"...Director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia has meticulously mapped out the play’s topography, especially the contrast between exuberant fairy tales and the gritty ground that nurtures them. " - Stage & Cinema

"...Douglas Maxwell's play is rich, moving, funny and real, and well served by Carlo Lorenzo Garcia's direction, which keeps the right balance of tension and humor." - Centerstage Chicago

"Under the skillful eye of Director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, ...The story is crisp and told with a special flavor that makes you want to know more. Two acts, 7 scenes and less than two hours of sheer mystery and enchantment with these four solid performers, taking us on a magical mystery tour where fantasy and reality merge like magnets." - Around The Town Chicago

"Garcia is a gifted young director to be on the look out for and OUR BAD MAGNET is a powerfully enchanting and uniquely entertaining show NOT TO BE MISSED!" - Chicago Stage Review

Jeff Award Nomination - Best Supporting Actor
Jeff Award Nomination - Best Ensemble



Wayward Productions, Chicago, IL

"Sons of Anarchy" fans should hie themselves hence to the basement venue of the Underground Wonder Bar, where Wayward Productions is offering up a nitty-gritty biker version of "Richard III" under Carlo Lorenzo Garcia's direction. " - Chicago Tribune

"given the deft direction of Carlo Lorenzo Garcia and committed performances from his cast, an additional extension of its current run would be beyond thrashin’ cool." - Stage & Cinema

"Under Garcia’s direction, the brawling is continuous.  And the killing is sometimes startling and frightening.  A neck is slit, spewing blood across the floor.  The lady to my right is hit and spends the rest of the performance in a Lady MacBeth-like reaction. " - Chicago Theater Beat

"In this snarling take on William Shakespeare's history play, England's War of the Roses is reimagined as a clash between rival biker gangs. It sounds like a gimmick, but by stripping away all traces of gentility, director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia and his cast show how years of war have turned members of the nobility into vicious thugs only marginally better than Richard, the "bunch-backed toad" who schemes and murders his way to the throne." - TimeOut Chicago



Mary-Arrchie Theatre, Chicago, IL

"Directed by Carlo Lorenzo Garcia for Mary-Arrchie Theatre, Red Light Winter packs a powerful punch." - Chicago Theater Beat

"This methodical and engrossing effort by director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia does well not to let the play’s tragic characters off the hook—instead, it’s a harrowing indictment of love and the hopeless attempts young people make to navigate it." - TimeOut Chicago

"...the play is quite solid and Mary-Arrchie’s production, directed by Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, offers clear, perfectly pitched performances from all three leads." - Chicago Theatre Addict

"Adam Rapp’s language, sharp and realistic, is well-paced by director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, with the rapid-fire dialogue counterbalancing the lengthy sections of introspective silence that give the show its weight. " - NewCity Chicago

Jeff Award Winner - Best Supporting Actress
Jeff Award Nomination - Best Supporting Actor
Jeff Award Nomination - Best Actor
Jeff Award Nomination - Best Ensemble



Mary-Arrchie Theatre, Chicago, IL

"Under the skillful direction of Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, the drama unfolds with dark humor...AMERICA BUFFALO is the perfect finale for Mary Arrchie to complete its storefront theatre reign.  It’s Mamet’s Chicago.  And it also showcases a solid company collaboration with the trifecta of Cotovsky, Galvin and Garcia. " - The Fourth Walsh

"Director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia choreographs the events of the day with great skill and attention to the nuances of the Mamet text." - Third Coast Review

"Mamet’s dialogue is notoriously obscure, but director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia and his cast create meanings for every little exclamation and repetition...Carlo Lorenzo Garcia’s American Buffalo has a special poignancy because of this being Mary-Arrchie’s last production, but is also a brilliant staging in itself." - Chicago Critic

"This is a superb cast well directed by Carlo Lorenzo Garcia that will be the final chapter in a 30 years life of a small theater company that” chugged along like the little train that could”! This company did! " - Around Town Chicago 


Jeff Award Nomination - Best Supporting Actor

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